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Dear All, From All States and Countries,


You can go to my Discussion Title to go to my website.  There you will find what I don't want to re-type again now.  It's incredible, important info for every person today.  I used to work at ABC-TV in New York years ago, and also CBS-TV & Records, New York, and also the United Nations (UNFPA) in New York.  I've had so very much happen to me that I feel so very blessed and I believe that all of you out there are blessed in your ways. We're all ready for a good change for how things are in this world.  Now, find some answers.  You deserve to do it for yourselves, much less your young ones and friends, and family.  Thanks to Janey, I have a chance to get this important message to you, I'll keep this short and simple and let you make the choice for yourself.  God Be The Harbour That Your Ship Is In!!


Much Love In His Name,


My website My Blog page lets you leave all of the questions and posts that you'd like.  Again, THANK YOU JANEY!!  GOD BLESS YOU TONS!!


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